A completely empty Berlin Hauptbahnhof

On Wednesday, April 8, I had some business to do in Berlins City. So I happened to visit Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the most busiest railway station in the town. It was nearly empty. To document this, I made a small video.

See a completely deserted Berlin Hauptbahnhof!

To me, this was impressive and disturbing at the same time.

What do you think?

They track me!

Following an internal discussion last week, I decided to do something I always wanted to do: I created a video. The topic is serious, although the preview picture is not: It is about why you are tracked by Google and Facebook (and many other companies) and what you can do about it.

I have to admit: It was a lot of fun making the video, and I see plenty of room for improvement. But it was a good start and I am planning to do more videos. So feel free to subscribe to my channel and leave a comment. 🙂