I had a blog from around 2002 until around 2014, called “Karsten Samaschke: Los jetzt!”, which translates to “Karsten Samaschke: Come on, now!” and targeted myself for being not too lazy. I loved it, but I abandoned it for social networks and due to myself being … lazy. 

I also had other blogs, especially my “Family Blog” was something I really liked, but I abandoned this one around 2011 as well because I respected my kid’s privacy and didn’t wanted them to show up on the internet without their consent, once they reached a specific age.

Now, I’m back.

I always dreamed of restarting my blog, I always wanted to be more on my own and create my own, very personal content. This is, what this blog is about: My own, personal content. This includes a lot of pictures as well as technical blog postings, opinions and recommendations.

Who do I want to target?

Actually, I don’t know. I have no plan, and I don’t want to have any. I just want to have my own place, where I can write about the things that I allow to be relevant for a broader audience. Or not, if that’s the thing. If someone reads this: Great. If not: Great as well.

So, let’s get it rolling. I will write, whenever I want to. There is no specific interval in which I want to publish things. I will allow comments, when I want to. I will allow your opinions, but I won’t tolerate racism or faschism or illegal content of any kind. Good? Good!

Then, here we go.