New directions with this blog

Over the past several months, many things have changed in my life: I sold the company, my girlfriend moved in, and I was ultimately able to sort several things with regard to my own priorities and perspectives.

Going forward, I personally will obviously continue to stand for the values that defined me:

  • Open-Source
  • Privacy
  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Ecology
  • Sustainability

What has changed, is my priorities. After not owning the company anymore, I can and will speak out more freely with regard to some things. I allow myself to take the time to write, to publish, and to be creative.

The COVID-pandemic, and the climate-crisis have helped to set many things in perspective for me. Family has become more important, health has become more important, sustainability has become more important.

Since I want to keep my family life and any personal health matters out of this blog, and since it should nonetheless be centered around technology and values, it will become more focused around sustainability, green and smart technology, ecology, and moving into zero-emission driving. I will continue to comment on politics, on open-source issues, will openly discuss privacy issues, but the focus will shift towards a more personal tone compared to the last years.

I will also establish a YouTube-channel and a podcast centered around driving an EV, electric mobility, and smart technology with a German and European perspective. I will continue to contribute to The Cloud Report as a platform centered around open-source, cloud, and sustainable computing.

Hope you like it. If you do, consider to bookmark this blog, and to check back regularly.