Kauflust (V): iPhone Xs Max

I regularly change my telephones, usually around September, latest in October, I switch to an iPhone, since the new models for the upcoming season are presented in that time frame. But this time, things are a little different. And this has little to do with size and features and much with one other aspect many people tend to ignore.


iPhone 2G

See, I started using iPhones with the 2G, the very first iPhone, which wasn’t even officially available in Germany, if I recall correctly. I imported one from the United States and remember driving at a late evening from Leipzig to Berlin and back just to grab my unit which has been delivered while my family and I visited the kids’ grandparents. I literally had one of the first iPhones in Germany.

But – and that basically continued with every iteration then – I disregarded using the iPhone after some months. The reason for my very first iPhone to be put away was the lack of 3G bands. So I switched to some Windows Mobile devices at that time and tried my best with the iPhone 3G a year later. Awesome, it had 3G bands! It had Visual Voicemail! It got an AppStore! I don’t know what made me leave the ecosystem at that time, but again, I left. And I played around with some of the first Android devices (I also imported the HTC G1 / HTC Dream from the US when it was released 2008).


iPhone 5

However, it went on like this with every iteration of iPhone (and believe me, I tried all of them): Too small (iPhone 3GS), too Antenna-Gate (iPhone 4), too white (iPhone 4S), too hard around the edges (iPhone 5), too uninspiring (iPhone 5S), too big (iPhone 6 Plus), too small (iPhone 6S), too no-wireless-charging and no-OLED-display (iPhone 7).


iPhone X

That changed to some extend with iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X last year – the former was a big phone (while the 6 Plus was too big for me, in the meantime I got used to that form factor and actually expect such a big device) and it finally had wireless charging, the latter was just awesome with its full-screen display and Face ID.

But, problem to me: The iPhone 8 Plus had the right size but a too small LCD-display, while the iPhone X had that awesome OLED-display but was too small in size. So, both of them went into the drawer once again – a combination of both would have been amazing, but it was not available, at least not by Apple.

iPhone Xs Max


iPhone Xs Max

Finally, 2018: Apple did it. They combined the best of my expectations into one device: The iPhone Xs Max. Besides the ridiculous name, that device is what I wanted an iPhone to be: Big, full screen, wireless charging enabled, having an OLED-display, Dual-SIM (YES!), a strong battery, an advanced camera, it is screamingly fast and it provides one thing, all iPhones but no Android Devices provide: Privacy.

The reason, why I’ll happily stay with the Xs Max (and even ordered a second unit) for my business needs, is not featureset or size or Dual-SIM (ok, they actually are reasons on their own), no: It is privacy.

It’s the privacy, stupid!

I am so fed up with Facebooks, Twitters and Googles data harvesting behaviors and their security breaches (Cambridge Analytica, G+ security holes, etc.). I am so fed up with the fact literally everyone tries to spy at me and collect data about me, that I decided to abandon Android and PCs for a while.

Bye, Google! Bye Facebook!

I even deleted the Google Apps (GMail, Google Calendar, etc.) on my iPhones and iPads, although their Apple equivalents might not be as powerful as their Google counterparts. I replaced the original FB- and Twitter-Apps with replacements (unfortunately, I had to switch back to the original Twitter App since many of the replacements are very, very limited nowadays due to Twitters API usage policy) and I enjoy the powerful sandboxing as well as fine-granular and accessible permission system with iOS. I still have Google Assistant and Google Maps on my iPhone, the former for use with my Bose headphones (and I will delete it right away), the latter for its superior navigation system (I LOVE the proposed alternatives while driving around, a feature not being present on any other navigation solution) – but nonetheless I restrict my personal use with Google Maps as well. Best thing: I love the option to disable location access when an app is not running. I simply love that.

Switching back

So, I switched back from switching back. I invested in a current-gen Apple Watch and in some EarPods – the latter is a statement, since I never invested into such accessories, but I want to stay in that ecosystem for privacy reasons for a while.

Besides: That phone takes awesome pictures!

Will I stop buying Android Devices? No. Definitely not. But I will more likely just test them and then abandon them in the way I did it with Apple’s mobile devices for the last ten years. And in that regard, things have changed drastically, since I lost all (remaining) confidence in Google and Android.

And, finally: The iPhone Xs Max IS an awesome device. Very pricey, but you pay for your privacy as well as the ecosystem.

So, I’m back with Apple. And I’ll stay there – at least longer than the last ten years.

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