Life at Cloudibility (XIII): Houston, we have a website!

It literally took us a year and we close to create an urban myth in regards to, but we finally managed it: We have a working website!

Why did it take so long, you ask?

Well, there’s actually a plenty of answers to that, but to put it shortly: There was not enough time to do it.

In the very beginning (until February 2018), a website was definitely not a priority for us. There were other, more important things to be done, such as finding our first employees, onboarding them, creating some internal processes, working intensively with customers, and so on. The consequence: Not enough time to take care of a website.

Then, we realized the importance of a website. We hired our Head of Publishing and PR, Friederike, which was immediately covered by working for our first printed magazine, The Cloud Report. That took quite a long time and was very important for us since it is a strategic part of where we want to head to with Cloudibility – again, there was no time for a proper homepage.

During the mid-summer (around end of July, beginning of August), it became obvious to us, that we actually need to make the a top-priority, regardless of other work we had to accomplish as well. So we stopped talking and started building by forming a team of Friederike, Stefan (our SocialMedia-manager), Rajesh (our web-developer) and Felix as PO.

They jointly made it happen – a website, nice looking, having some initial content and at least representing the company way more appropriate than the old placeholder we had in place. We managed to present it at our birthday celebration and it was very well received by the audience.

Are we done with our website?

Hell, no! We just started! Currently, the German version of the website is in place, in the next days, we will also launch the international one. We have a lot of company-, technology-, product- and mindset-related things in mind, which our editorial team will publish step by step. We will have a blog. We will have a partner page. And so on.

But already in the current iteration, Cloudibility finally has a proper home in the web.

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