Life at Cloudibility (XII): It started a year ago – and why you should join our birthday celebration! (English edition)


Our initial logo

A year ago, Cloudibility was founded by Michael Dombek and me, Karsten Samaschke. We had some expectations in regards to how we wanted to grow the company and what we wanted to offer to our customers. Truth is: We were plain wrong!

Speed? Light Speed? Warp Speed!

In fact, the speed of development blasted everything away. We started with some trainings and some projects as a two-person company. In December 2017 we hired our first employee, who was supposed to do some office work and bring some reliability in customer communications. A month later, we negotiated with our two first technical employees and were actually pretty satisfied with size and direction our company was heading.

But: We soon realized, we needed more brains, more ideas, more of everything. And more internal organization – so our COO got part of the company. Additionally, we wanted to do some things differently than most of our fellow market companions – we wanted to invest into a more substantial way of marketing, social media and sales, and therefore we also hired some very talented people for those things as well. Speaking of talented people, we also invested more into our technical stuff, since we’ve seen strong demands for our talents and our ideas.


Our current logo

Long story short: There we are a year later. Having an Indian branch, which is very important to us. Having more than 25 employees, including the two founders. Changed our company kind from UG (Unternehmergesellschaft, the smallest form of a Limited) to GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, the usual form of a Limited), but are not done with transforming our company kind, since we want to grow even further. Having an organigram. Having three technical teams. Starting to grow into Enterprise Consultancy. Starting with Systemic Consultancy and -Coaching. Starting to offer our own trainings and workshops and coachings. Working intensively on our own CloudNative products. And releasing our first published magazine on September 20th.

All within one year.

We were so plain wrong about our perspectives. We thought of founding a small company. We had a business plan for appr. 5-6 employees, including ourselves. We wanted to do our thing in our niche.

Well, turned out: We were wrong. There is no niche.

We started into a growing market of everything CloudNative and DevOps. We started internal processes and internal developments that forced us to rethink our business plan several times. We offer knowledge and approaches to an ever-growing customer base. We did strategic investments and strategic developments into technologies, heads, products. And we are not done with that!

Our birthday event

So, to learn, what will be next with Cloudibility, you should get in touch with me to join us on September 20th in Berlin for our private birthday event. Simply drop a message to me¬†if you haven’t received our invitation and we will get you covered.

You will learn a lot about our future plans, we will release a very interesting product for companies striving to get into CloudNative- and DevOps-environments, we will be publishing our very first printed and digital magazine. We will present our roadmap and will get you in touch with our heads. And of course we will have a lot of fun with each other, promised!

So, get in touch with me in case you missed our invitation and / or join us on September 20th 2018 in Berlin! Looking forward to discuss and celebrate with you!

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